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Saddle and Spurs

saddle and spurs dance hall
saddle and spurs dance hall

Saddle and Spurs Las Vegas Dance hall

Another Las Vegas institution. This place has been here a long time and from what I can tell, will be here much longer. This is a honky tonk. Plain and simple. Big place, lots of room to dance and etc. Here are a few of their promotions

Wednesday Line Dance lessons 6pm to 8pm
Taco and Tequila Tuesday
Thursday Bike night
Mondays Open Mic night
and the list goes on and on. . .
So if you are a Las Vegas local, and you are looking for something to do, this is the place. I like that there is plenty of parking, and easy access to major freeway from 2 different directions.
Lots of live music and promotions, lots of fun, in a great atmosphere with plenty to see and do.
This also makes for a great hang, if you just want somewhere to post up and hang out for a little bit, but don’t want to be the only person at the bar. Always good for some people watching.
One thing that is impressive about this place is the bartenders. They are some of the best bartenders in this town. Its easy to find a friendly social bartender that makes you feel welcome and wanting to come back. Its easy to find a bartender who is efficient, makes great drinks with fast service. To find a bartender that does both, is rare, but not at Saddle and Spurs, here its the norm.
My favorite decoration is the guitars that hang above the bar, definitely picture worthy.
las vegas dance hall saddle and spurs

saddle and spurs local dance hall

The point of this website is to advise Las Vegas locals on places they can hang out, close to home, away from the strip, that are affordable, and fun. This Saddle and Spurs Las Vegas Dance hall is one of those places. Not a boring bar with people staring at machines listening to classic rock. There is stuff going on, things to participate in and have a great time, most nights of the week. Nothing worse than going out on a Wednesday night looking for some fun and end up at quiet, boring PT’s around the corner or god forbid a Dotty’s. This is the place you’re looking for, make sure you make a note and stop by here next time you find yourself looking for something to do.