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Joe’s Bar – North Rancho

Joe's bar las vegas
Joe's bar las vegas

Joe’s Bar on North Rancho Blvd

What a relief to have this location open again and an even bigger relief that the new ownership team is experienced and dedicated to providing a Las Vegas local bar experience that locals will enjoy and continue to support. We are so glad that we have a new place to hang out and that the location didn’t fall victim to the small casino only type places that seem to be popping up all over Las Vegas for the last several years.

Joe's bar las vegas

First of all we always comment on the decor and design. A well thought out design with plenty of seating and spaces but still an open feeling where you won’t feel crowded or cramped. There are a few cool design features but feel they couldve put a little more effort in that department but mayne over time more will come. I mentioned to a co worker that it was a “Chicago theme” and she replied “How do you know that?” That is not the question you want your patrons to be asking when they leave.
The food here is Chicago style Italian food and is really good. We have nothing but compliments about the food and the menu. If we had any advice to give its that there is no real feature item, like stake your reputation on it type item featured on the menu worthy of Guy Fieri coming by just to taste it. Also, they were out of fries? I mean I understand if you run out of the lobster because you cant afford to have 30 lobsters in the back but fries? You ran out of fries? Like that’s potatoes right? I mean they sell them across the street. So they subsituted tater tots for fries. That would have been fine but the tater tots were mediocre at best. Similar to the ones I had in elementary school cafeteria. If you are going to substitue something better make it awesome, not bland tater tots. Anyway, the food appears to be good, the other patrons seemed to enjoy everything they ordered very much.
Joe's Bar Tater Tots
The staff was super nice, albeit not fully trained but the place just opened a few days ago as of this writing so we didnt really expect more than that.
The location is great. Lots of parking, easy street access, easy to find and a nice big sign to see it easily from the street. So overall, the place is great, and much better than most of the bars and a hundred times better than the stupid mini casinos littered around Las Vegas.
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