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las vegas local bar irene's
las vegas local bar irene's

Las Vegas Local Bar Irene’s

What a place, no wonder its packed. See the pics I posted these were taken at 5pm on a Tuesday. So yes, this is an after work bar, but take this bar example vs. another bar down the street, (where I just came from) that cost twice as much to build and maintain but has half as many customers. Same street, same side of town, but one much business than the other, even though, this one is no where as nice, in fact this one can be somewhat categorized as a dive bar. But here are a few reasons why.

Wings here? 7.99 Wings at the other place? 12 dollars. Whats worse is the chicken wings here are much better.
One bottle of beer here? 3.25 One bottle of beer there? 5.75

Here the bartender made a 1.75 tip for a beer and at the other place she made 1.25 for the same work. Which bartender do you think was happier knowing the tip they would receive?

If I have $40 dollars to spend tonight going out somewhere and drinking a few beers and having some food, where am I going to get the most value from the $40 budget I have. Here at Irene’s I have a big comfortable chair, and a big TV to watch the game. Big parking lot with lots of parking is also a plus for this place. I really can’t say enough good things about this place, I mean it is a bit of a dive, could use some remodeling and some paint, tile and carpentry, but its not neglected, its clean and people like it here.

The only problem I have with it is the white ceilings. From my experience, that is a no-no in drinking establishments, but this place has been here for decades, so its possible they know more than me, but I would imagine they are still open in spite of the white ceilings not because of it, anyway, do yourself a favor and check this place out if you are in the area. You wont be disappointed in this Las Vegas local bar Irene’s.

local bar irene's

A couple other things I like about this place is the ranch dressing.  I am often amazed at what some places serve as ranch dressing, I think, did the owner actually taste this? Or did he just pick the cheapest one from his supplier. I am very glad this place is still here. There was a time during the economic downturn that a friend and I worried this place would not make it. As we came in as often as we could, we weren’t sure it would make it, but it is doing a robust business now and I am glad it hung around. Stop by and be be sure to leave me your comments on what you think of this place.

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