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Golden Tiki

las vegas local bar golden tiki
las vegas local bar golden tiki


Golden tiki

This place is awesome. This bar is a perfect example of what can be done to make a mediocre bar outstanding.

1. Pick a theme.

2. Decorate smartly with quality materials and interesting placement.

3. Promote the idea and specials to the local marketplace.

People are looking for somewhere fun to hang out, this place satisfies that need. Even in the middle of the day with nothing really going on this is still a fun place to chill out and look around.
Pretty sure every time you come in here you will find some decoration or knick knack that you didn’t see last time. A few things that I like about this place is there are tables across from the bar, where you can sit or stand if the bar is too crowded. There are also several private booths where you can chill out with a few friends and get a semi private experience without people bumping into you when the bar gets crowded. This place has happy hour specials which is always nice.

local bar golden tiki

local bar golden tiki

From what I’m told the food is pretty decent but I haven’t tried it yet as of the writing of this review.
The best thing about this place is the drink menu. A quick look at the menu makes your mouth water with decisions that are possible. I recommend just starting at the top and working your way down until you get to the end, then choose a few favorites and order them on your second visit. Seriously though the drinks pack a punch no pun intended and would take several visits to get through the menu so choose wisely.

las vegas local bar golden tiki

I really hope this bar is ultra successful so that other bar owners will see what works and make their bars more like this one. No, we don’t need 100 Tiki bars in Las Vegas, but we need more fun local places for locals to hang out and have a good time. We have far too many cookie cutter bars with no character and no fun. Another great thing about this bar is they don’t play classic rock and that gets a 10 in my book any day. The only downside to the place is the parking and the location. This place is very hard to get into the parking lot, and even harder to find a place to park. Either come early or plan on walking a ways to get here since parking fills up quick.